What is Super8?

What is Super8?

Super 8 mm film, commonly known as Super 8 film and often simply “Super 8”, is a motion picturefilm format released in 1965[1][2][3] by Eastman Kodak as an improvement of the older “Double” or “Regular” 8 mmhome movie format.

The film is nominally 8 mm wide, exactly the same as the older standard 8 mm film, and also has perforations on only one side. However, the dimensions of the perforations are smaller than those on older 8 mm film, which allowed the exposed area to be made larger. The Super 8 standard also specifically allocates the border opposite the perforations for an oxide stripe upon which sound can be magnetically recorded.

Unlike other “super” gauges such as Super 16 and Super 35, the film stock used for Super 8 is not compatible with standard 8mm film cameras.

There are several different varieties of the film system used for shooting, but the final film in each case has the same dimensions. By far the most popular system was the Kodak system.

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