Film Transfer Equipment Choices/Comparisons

Motion picture film scanning or digitizing is a complex undertaking that requires skills in multiple areas. But the first complexity has to do with the various ways that film can be converted, and the technology available to do it. Below is a list of the equipment available out in the market that can accomplish a film transfer. This list is not complete, we are missing some of the available types. I hope to correct this over time. If you have additions, please let us know.

Consumer/Prosumer Devices

  • Elmo
  • Moviestuff
  • Tobin
  • various multiplexer solutions, Buhl, Laird, etc.

Professional Solutions-Scanners

  • Filmlight
  • Digital Vision
  • Arri
  • DFT Scanity
  • Imagica-RTI
  • Lasergraphics
  • Reflex

Professional Solutions-Telecine

  • DFT Spirit 2K, 4K, HD
  • Thomson Spirit SDC2001, 2002
  • Philips/BTS Classic Spirit
  • Thomson Shadow
  • Rank Cintel Millenium plus other models

Professional Solutions-Flashscan Variants

  • MWA Flashscan
  • Sondor
  • Muller
  • PSTechnik
  • United Film Sound Dub Conversions
  • Oxberry-based custom

Professional Solutions-Open Source

  • Kinograph