Restoration Software

we are currently in the market for a software package that will enable full restoration of film frames. Here is the rundown of all of the available Restoration Software currently on the market:

-Davinci Revival  $1500 or $10K for auto functions–Linux only right now

-HS-Art Diamant-Mac or PC  $19K?  Austrian company not used widely in LA, but good I think. If it were 10K and more widely known it might be a good choice

-Digital Vision Phoenix MAC or PC  xxK? pricy I think.. they also make scanners  they will be in booth SL6026

-MTI Correct– I think this is still available but has not been updated for a while. The company is focused on a new product

-PFClean–$10K +$1500 per year update contract.  probably the most widely used product

Basic functions that are needed–scene detection, stabilization, dirt, scratch removal, blotch/stain detect/remove, flicker correction,grain removal/management, plus a bunch more for special cases…