Solving Problem Film Issues

By their nature, old films can have a host of problems associated with the aging process.

  • Typical problems include dirt, either embedded or surface dirt
  • scratches, which can be on the emulsion side or the base side of the film
  • grain issues, which can originate from improper exposure during photography, and is prominent on smaller guage films, such as 16mm, 8mm, and Super8
  • Color issues can originate during photography, but with old film can also result due to fading of one or more color layers in the emulsion.

We have a number of tools which can help with these issues.

  • The Teranex Image Restore system is a real-time tool for solving or minimizing grain, dirt, and scratch issues. It can also be used to enhance sharpness of the image to a degree.
  • Our Telecines are equipped with a Wet-Gate system which can eliminate or minimize base scratches.
  • Our film cleaning system, the Lipsner-Smith Excel 1100, effectively removes non-embedded dirt and dust, as well as oil and other contaminents which may be present.
  • Our Cinnafilm Dark Energy Software system is a very effective dust-busting and grain-management tool. It is effective at removing or reducing grain and noise, and is effective against dust that can appears as white dots on negative transfers.
  • Our telecines are equipped with both Primary and Seconday Color Correctors, and in addition, we have  DaVinci 2K real-time color correction system
  • We also use the amazing Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve non-linear color corrector

Often, it is necessary to use a combination of these tools to improve the condition of your difficult film. If you film can be improved by one or more of these techniques, we can help.