• Lear Jet 35mm Sample

    This is an interesting image from a recent 35mm transfer.

  • Anamorphic Release Prints

    This example is an anamorphic 16 mm film for smaller theatre release. The 1973 film is “Lady Ice” starring Donald Southerland and …

  • Early Television Kinescope

    In the early 1950’s live television was recorded on film. This image of Bob Hope… was transferred from the original kinescope film to a One-Inch broadcast videotape for later distribution. This image is a frame from the up-rezzed one inch to a 1080P file.

  • Hal McClure’s Travelogues

    Orange County film-maker Hal McClure has been filming travelogue films for more that 60 years.

  • Cotton Bowl Archive

    The Cotton Bowl and it digital archive team from XOS Digital has asked us to do a transfer of a large group of 16mm TV prints.

  • Jack Coleman’s Experimental Music and Surf Films

    Our friend Jack Coleman has been bringing us super8 films for years now.

  • Master Race From Mars

    Kathy and Colin Stewart’s “Master Race From Mars”  is an early 1990’s SCI-Fi Indy feature.

  • Rick Prelinger’s San Francisco

    Every year Rick Prelinger does a TED talk, the Lost Landscapes of San Franscisco. We were chosen to transfer some rare nitrate films for this series.

  • The Penton Motorcycle Films

    Todd Huffman’s successful Penton Kickstarter campaign about Penton Motorcycle legend John Penton gave us a unique set of films to transfer.