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35MM 16MM Super8 and Regular8 TELECINE FILM TRANSFER

Our DFT SPIRIT Telecine is equipped for 16MM, Super16, and 35MM, and Super35mm film transfers, as well as Super8. We can transfer optical and magnetic sound prints, as well as original camera negative in Super8 16 and 35.

Output formats include any of the ATSC standard or High Definition choices. We output to portable hard drives for all of our data output. Hard drives can be MAC HFS+ format or PC/Windows NTFS.

Codec choices are AVID DNxHD or Prores for MAC, and BMD uncompressed or MJPEG for PC, or any other codec you need..

If you plan to do additional work to your files, we suggest a transfer of your footage using our one light/best light technique, which insures a great picture throughout the transfer, and you can do your own Color Correction and Digital Intermediate work yourself. Additionally, if your footage requires it, we will use our liquid-gate scratch and dirt removal systems to further enhance your footage.

OR, we would be happy to do a scene-by-scene color correction on your films using our DaVinci 2KPlus color corrector.

How do you compare this to other transfers? Our Thomson/DFT Spirit is a big step up from even the best of the common types of consumer systems. In fact, we own one of only 4 Super8 hi-def Spirit telecines in the US.

To help you figure out the run-time of your film, Kodak has a nice online tool that will help to calculate your footage.  http://www.kodak.com/US/plugins/flash/en/motion/filmCalculator.swf

If you are in Southern California, we would welcome a visit to talk about your project. If you are anywhere else, you can ship your film to us using Fedex ground or UPS ground with tracking, and we will return it using Fedex ground.

Your HiDef files will be returned to you on a hard-drive. You may send a drive in with the film, or we can provide one at an additional charge. We prefer a USB3 enabled drive, which easily can be bought online, in a one terabyte size or larger, or a bare SATA drive. You may also want us to create a BluRay or DVD disc for convenient playback.

A further note about your film. We normally splice your reels together onto standard film industry cores or reels for transfer. Using guidelines from AMIA, the Association of Moving Image Archivists, we prefer to return your film to you on cores, if 16mm or 35mm, with preservation cans, or, if Super8 on 400 foot plastic reels.

Solving Problem Film Issues

By their nature, old films can have a host of problems associated with the aging process.

  • Typical problems include dirt, either embedded or surface dirt
  • scratches, which can be on the emulsion side or the base side of the film
  • grain issues, which can originate from improper exposure during photography, and is prominent on smaller guage films, such as 16mm, 8mm, and Super8
  • Color issues can originate during photography, but with old film can also result due to fading of one or more color layers in the emulsion.

We have a number of tools which can help with these issues.

  • The Teranex Image Restore system is a real-time tool for solving or minimizing grain, dirt, and scratch issues. It can also be used to enhance sharpness of the image to a degree.
  • Our Telecines are equipped with a Wet-Gate system which can eliminate or minimize base scratches.
  • Our film cleaning system, the Lipsner-Smith Excel 1100, effectively removes non-embedded dirt and dust, as well as oil and other contaminents which may be present.
  • Our Cinnafilm Dark Energy Software system is a very effective dust-busting and grain-management tool. It is effective at removing or reducing grain and noise, and is effective against dust that can appears as white dots on negative transfers.
  • Our telecines are equipped with both Primary and Seconday Color Correctors, and in addition, we have  DaVinci 2K real-time color correction system
  • We also use the amazing Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve non-linear color corrector

Often, it is necessary to use a combination of these tools to improve the condition of your difficult film. If you film can be improved by one or more of these techniques, we can help.

Film to Digital

  • 35mm | 16mm | Super8mm | Regular8mm
  • Uncompressed or any codec, Mac or PC
  • 4:2:2 or 4:4:4
  • Wet-Gate
  • Mag Audio to Digital--16mm--35mm single, dual, triple tracks

Tape to Digital

  • Betacam Oxide, SP, or Digital Betacam
  • One Inch Type C
  • U-Matic 3/4 inch

Up-Down-Cross Conversion

  • Teranex by Black Magic Design
  • Original Teranex
  • Software-based

Image Restoration

  • Real-Time Noise, Scratch, Dirt, with the Original Teranex Image Restore
  • Grain Management and Dust-Busting using Dark Energy Cinnafilm
  • Stabilize, Flicker, Noise Reduction using various additional software tools
  • Complete film restorations using Diamant and PFClean

Color Correction

  • Digital Intermediate and finishing with Black Magic Design Davinci Resolve

Client Comments

quote1-40The preview disc you sent looks stunning--over the weekend, I put it up on a large screen at UCSC with a Christie projector just to check and Moumen Smihi was thrilled. We showed his Si Moh that you did and it also looked great.
Peter Limbrick, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media , UC Santa Cruzquote2-40

quote1-40I premiered many scenes from your recent 35mm transfers in the new Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, and they were a HUGE hit. I am very much looking forward to doing more work with you. Thanks so much!
Rick Prelinger, The Prelinger Archivesquote2-40

quote1-40I just had to let you know how happy my client was with the quality of the 8mm film transfer you did for him. At 6000 ft of film (25 years of his families' life) there was a lot to deal with. Your technical expertise was very helpful in choosing the right digital format both for the subsequent edit we went through, and in hitting my clients budget and quality concerns. Feel free to use me as a reference at anytime. The whole experience was professional and very easy. Once again thank you.
John Kelly, Scott Video Productionsquote2-40

quote1-40These look great! Thanks so much for sending! Thanks! More on the way soon!
Steve Stanchfield, Thunderbean Animationquote2-40